Residential houses that are deemed below market value for our clients

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Why choose buy to let property? Buy-to-let property is now a very popular form of investment due to its potential to provide a healthy rental income and capital growth. With the number of people renting privately owned accommodation on the increase and the number of tenants continuing to rise, now is the ideal time to jump on board and take advantage of our property opportunities, with low prices, great yields and instant equity gain from day one. How can I make profit with buy-to-let? With buy to let investment, profit can be achieved in two ways: Rental Yields - the amount your tenant(s) pay in rent, minus any maintenance and running costs Capital Growth - the profit you earn when you sell your property at a later date with capital gains. Our safe and secure, buy to let investments are perfect for investors looking to successfully build their own property portfolios, or for those looking for a higher return than they currently get from banks, pensions, bonds and the stock market. We have heavily discounted buy to let property available for sale in excellent rental locations, including Manchester, Liverpool and Leeds where void periods are kept to a minimum. In Manchester for instance, following the huge economic investment over the last decade it has become an extremely trendy place for young professionals to live, ensuring that rental demand has remained consistently strong for several years.


What is off market property? The term ‘off market’ is a much sought after term in the property industry, as ‘off market’ signifies a property that is not openly advertised to the general public. These generally come from sellers that don’t want the hassle of advertising or the stress of an auction, alternatively they may want to sell quickly due to a personal loss or are keen for a fast deal. Purchasing off market property with Big Fish We offer a bespoke service to help find our clients unique off market residential property investment opportunities. We want to make sure that you find the property that is perfect for your investment needs. Through our extensive network of contacts we have an exclusive portfolio that isn't on the open market but is available to our clients. We are well-informed with a profound knowledge of the UK’s ‘off market’ investment property sector. By developing price strategies based on the current technical value and market trends, we are able to pitch offers at the right level and on terms that will appeal to the seller. We have many off-market properties for sale exclusively to buy at the right price. Contact us today for further information.


What are repossessed houses? There are many different situations which can cause a property to be classed as a repossessed/distressed property. The most obvious reason being that the owners cannot maintain them, due to defaulting on their payments or other financial arrangements, causing the lender, usually the bank, to take action. Prices for these properties are usually significantly reduced in order to promote a quick sale. We have access to properties that both banks and developers need to sell quickly and discretely. Whether you are looking to purchase a property for buy-to-let investment, or to turn a profit on the property by selling at a higher price, repossessed and distressed properties provide great investment opportunities. Buying Repossessed property with Big Fish With Big Fish, due to our ability to negotiate bulk deals, the properties you will be buying are heavily discounted from their open market value. Therefore, you don’t have to wait several years for capital growth because you are making instant equity as soon as you own the property. If you are looking to invest over the long term, then earning instant equity in conjunction with strong yields creates the perfect platform from which to build a well balanced portfolio that can be developed over time.


We have an extensive network and can levergae our contacts to but hot property before they even reach auction or the ability to take them out of the market before the auction date


Commercial warehouses, premisies or building.


Sometimes we receive parcels of land on theor own and other times it is land with planning permission


Specialist area whereby a commercial building is sourced with the specific goal of converting to a residential dwellings.


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